August 10, 2022

We’ve designed an app that gives you INSTANT access to our pods.

Search ‘Peters’ Cleaners’ in your app store now or click here to download it!

It’s completely free and means you’ll have instant access to our pods from your pocket- no more waiting for a membership card. You’ll be able to access the pods at any time, track when your items are ready for collection and see your loyalty rewards.

The need for an app all came about from listening to our customers. Ultimately, they told us we were loosing their business as they needed our pods then and there at the point of sign up and so, we needed to remove the waiting time to access our services.

To do this we not only needed to create an app but we also had to move to unique QR codes. We had to change the way our pod scanners recognised our customers, now identifying them with a code unique to them, linked through to our internal IT systems. It’s changed the pace of access to our pods and means we can service more customers needs, more quickly.

A welcome addition to pods and here to stay.