May 10, 2024

A good dry cleaner will always take these steps, but you can ensure your items are taken care of by doing these 4 simple things:

Read the care label.

Does your garment need dry cleaning or is it OK for you to pop it in the washing machine? The first rule is to check the care label that provides important information about the fabric type, accessories on it and any special cleaning instructions. Your dry cleaner should always follow the care label although, if stains are better removed using a different method, they may recommend an alternative cleaning method.

Note any stains.

If you are aware of any stains on the garment, bring them to your dry cleaner’s attention either with a little note attached to the garment, or by informing staff when dropping off. Stains are usually pre-treated and the treatment varies depending upon the type of stain so the more information you can give, the better. Many dry cleaners do not have the expertise to pre-treat stains and there is a risk that the stain will set in If cleaned but not treated. The high level of care and attention to detail is why Peters’ Cleaners is rated so highly on Trustpilot.

Check for any existing damage.

Take a few moments prior to dropping off your item to fully examine the condition. Look for any missing buttons, broken zippers and loose threads. A good dry cleaner will always given an item the once over, but you can help them by pointing out any damage. If the damage can be repaired, Peters’ Cleaners offers a full repairs and alterations service and more information on this can be found on our website.

Empty your pockets.

Sometimes you can be in such a rush that you forget to empty your pockets before dropping off garments. Not only can everyday items like coins, pens and keys damage clothing during the cleaning process, but they can also damage other items that are being cleaned at the same time. A good dry cleaner will always check pockets and return any items in them. Over the years, at Peters’ Cleaners we have found engagement rings, heirlooms, house keys and money, all of which were safely returned to their rightful owners.