March 6, 2020

What is reproofing?

Reproofing is a hydrophobic chemical treatment that causes water to ‘bead up’ and run off before it can permeate the fabric itself. This surface coating needs replacing from time to time in the form of reproofing, which can be done at home using a spray or wash, or by a reputable dry cleaner.

Reproofing does not make an item completely waterproof. In most items, waterproofing is provided by a waterproof membrane or waterproof coating which is either bonded to or beneath the outer fabric. It is this coating that acts as a physical barrier to water for the life of the jacket unless punctured or damaged.

If there is a waterproof membrane – why do you need to reproof?
Reproofing stops water soaking into the outer material of the item which:
1. stops it getting heavy,
2. prevents it from attracting dirt particles which affect its breathability,
3. stops it getting wet ion the inside.

Water vapour can’t pass through the fabric if it is saturated with water, meaning you’ll find yourself getting wet from the inside through perspiration. When the inside of an item gets wet, it is commonly assumed there is a leak, but this is rarely the case and the majority of the time reproofing is the solution.

How often do you need to reproof an item?
There is no firm answer to this as it varies according to the amount of wear, type of wear and conditions that the waterproof item is subjected to. You can tell when it’s time, as you will begin to notice that your waterproof jacket or trousers are not shedding water as effectively as they did when they were new, even after washing. Rain will start to soak into the fabric in a process known as wetting out, and when that happens, it’s time to take action.

Why reproof furniture?
Reproofing is the application of a hydrophobic chemical surface coating that is effectively a barrier against moisture and dirt. Furniture is exposed to dirt daily – food or drink that may be spilt, dirt that has transferred from people or pets and general day-to-day dust. By reproofing the fabric, you will not stop it looking dirty over time, but you will prevent the dirt from getting ingrained in the fibres of the fabric, meaning it will come much cleaner when cleaned. A reproofing spray works well.

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