How it works

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Prepare your Items:
Put your dry cleaning/laundry into a bag with one of your membership cards and secure tightly.

REMEMBER: Your bag must fit into the drawer so a large carrier bag is ideal.
REMEMBER: If you have any special instructions – faster turnaround, repair or alteration, put in a note so we know.

Drop off:
At the unit scan your card where indicated on the drop off door. Pull the door to open, drop in your bag and close the door.

What happens next?
We collect your items, clean, press and quality check them and return them back to the unit. Payment is automatically taken from your card then you receive an email saying your items are ready for collection.

Pick Up:
Scan your card at the pick up door. The unit will find your items and deliver them for you to take.
REMEMBER: If the screen turns red you have more items to collect. The umit will tell you when you have collected all your items.