Need help? We’ve got you covered

Where are the pods?

Currently we have two pods in Peterborough:

Serpentine Green Shopping Centre in Hampton. Outside the left hand side entrance/exit near H&M
Peterborough Train Station. To the right hand side of the train station near the back of Waitrose.

Where are your shops?

We have two shops:

Stamford: St Pauls Street. Just off the High Street on St. Pauls Street, opposite the school shop and next door to the Tobbie Norris.
Peterborough: Lincoln Road, Millfield. Situated in Millfield on Lincoln Road, opposite Aldi and B&Q.

What are the pod opening hours?

Our Pods are open 24/7 and can be accessed 24/7.

What are the shop opening hours?

Monday-Friday: 8:30am- 5:30pm

Saturday: 8:30am-4pm

Sunday and bank holidays: Closed 

How do I sign up to use the pods?

You can sign up to use our pods by downloading our free app here.

Alternatively, if you’re on a computer please click the ‘My Account’ button on the top right of this page or, click here.

How do I download the app?

You can download our free app on both apple and android by clicking here.

Having the app means that you’ll have instant access to our pods from your pocket. 

You’ll also be able to access your unique QR code at any time, track when your items are ready for collection and access your loyalty rewards.

How do I get my QR code for the pods?

You unique QR code is stored in our app so you’ll need to download our app onto your phone. You can do that here.

It’s completely free and means you’ll have instant access to our pods from your pocket. 

What can I put in the pod? 

Any type of clothes can go into our pods.

If you have any specific instructions such as an alteration needed please pop a note into you drop-off bag. We also recommend that wedding dresses are not dropped into the pod.

What bag do I use to drop at the pod?

You can use any bag you have that can be properly secured so that your items of clothing and membership card don’t fall out.
Some people use a pillow case, others use a drawstring bag and some customers choose to buy one of our reusable branded bags from our shops.

Is it free to use the pods?

It is free to sign up, create an account and to drop-off at the pods.
Once you drop-off your clothes, you’ll be charged for whatever services you use; dry cleaning, laundry or alterations. 

Will my clothes be safe in the pods?

Our pods are monitored for security and are covered under the same insurance policy as we have at the shops. This means your clothes are covered at both our pods, shops and cleaning hub.

Does the cleaning happen in the pods?

No, we collect your clothes and take them back to our cleaning hub.
The pods only store your clothes for a very short period of time.

How long does it take to drop-off at the pod?

Drop off takes 3 seconds- yep we timed it. You scan your unique QR code within our app, open the drop-off door, pop your bag of dirty clothes in, shut the door and you’re all done.

How will I know when to collect my clothes from the pod?

We will send you an email once we pick up your bag of dirties from the pod, and then send you another email to let you know when your clean clothes are back at the pod waiting for you.

You can then collect any time of the day or night as our pods are open 24/7.

Can we guarantee complete stain removal?

Sadly, we can’t guarantee complete stain removal but every item we clean is returned to our customers in the best possible condition it can be, on time, every time.
We clean thousands of items a month and every item passes through a 2-stage quality check. We aim to get it right first time and achieve this 99% of the time. If we don’t think we can get the stain out we put a ‘Best results’ card on your item to let you know.

How long does a pod clean take?

This depends on what needs to happen to the clothes you drop off. Our standard clean for most clothes is 2 working days.

What type of clothing alterations can you do?

We offer a full range of repairs and alterations that are done by our in-house seamstress, Lily Sinclair. All repairs and alterations come back pressed and ready to wear and we can clean them as well.

Lily has over 30 years of experience and her skills range from replacing buttons to tailoring wedding dresses, lining curtains and making clothes and curtains too!

Can you wash prom dresses or wedding dresses?

Yes we can wash both prom and wedding dresses.
We hand treat every dress where needed before putting it through a delicate cycle. We then go over the dress with a fine tooth comb ensuring every mark we see is removed to the best of our ability.

All wedding dresses are then packed in a breathable hand made storage box and wrapped in acid free tissue paper for you.

Can you wash duvets?

Yes we can. We wash polyester and feather duvets and pillows. We also clean wool and silk duvets. All our duvets are returned in breathable storage bags so you can store your clean summer duvet over the winter and vice versa.

Can you clean shoes? 

We can clean fabric shoes such as trainers, uggs or heels. Visit one of our stores to drop them off for cleaning.