Celebrating the return of breakthrough artists with Peters’ Cleaners

With live events very much back on the agenda, our local business wants to help people clean up their acts in an unexpected way. 

We’re asking 50 local musicians, artists and performers in Peterborough to put themselves forward for a wardrobe freshen up at one of their automated dry cleaning and laundry pods at Serpentine Green Shopping Centre and Peterborough Railway Station.

Who can take part?

Maybe you’re a touring band that doesn’t get a chance to do laundry as often as you’d like – or you have a specialist costume that needs some expert alterations to get it back to its former glory. Whatever your act, and whichever way you perform, we want to help.

How it works

Simply sign up to use the pods here on our website, pop a photo of you performing in with some items that you would like to be cleaned or repaired and we’ll will do the rest – up to a value of £20. Please entitle your photo ‘clean up my act’. 

If you have a great story to tell about the clothing you’re dropping off, or why cleaning up your act will really help, then add that in with your photo. 

Our Managing director, Vicky Whiter, is passionate about her hometown and the people in it and said: 

“Things haven’t been easy for anyone over the last few years. We live in very uncertain times, but we wanted to think of positive ways that we could support independent creatives living in Peterborough and this seemed like a good way to do it.

“The pods are really straightforward to use and we love the idea of people putting photos of themselves performing in with their items so we can get a feel for the variety of creativity we have on our doorstep.

“Anyone that has seen our creative campaigns knows that we like to do things differently. Our latest ‘drop your trousers’ slogan has really caught people’s attention.

“We think it’s about time our local rising stars get back to what they love, with a helping hand from us, and we look forward to seeing the photos and hearing people’s stories.”

If you live in Peterborough and would like to clean up your act then sign up today.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only the first 50 drop-offs will be considered. Any drop-offs after this will be returned or need to be paid for.
  • Please check our pricing before dropping off items. Anything costing more than £20, the difference will need to be paid for.
  • Only drop-offs that include a photo will be considered for this campaign. Please ensure your photo includes the title ‘clean up my act’.
  • By including your photo you are agreeing to us using it for marketing purposes and contacting you to learn more about you.
  • We will retain the photo included in your drop-off. 

40% OFF in February

This February we are running our biggest offer yet, 40% OFF when you sign up to use the pod.

You can drop laundry, alterations or dry cleaning off at the pod so sign up for a free membership today. You’ll receive your membership cards in the post and then you can use either of our two pods. Theres a few terms and conditions to the offer to be aware of but no catches; it applies to clothes only, up to £40 discount and you’ll need to redeem it before the 1st September 2022.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey to change garment cleaning, one pod at a time!


I’m very excited to announce we’ve launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on SEEDRS. This is the first time we’ve looked for outside investment in our company and it’s a huge step for us.

So why are we crowdfunding?

We’ve recently launched two 24/7 dry cleaning pods; one at Peterborough Train Station and the other at Serpentine Green Shopping Centre – a staff free ‘shop’ for dropping off dirty clothes and collecting clean ones. We’re on a mission to let more people like you enjoy our high quality cleaning and exceptional customer service by opening more outlets, in convenient locations, that are open all hours. This means more stores AND pods.

We also have no plans to close any of our current stores and pods in Peterborough so our growth will not impact your current store.

If you like Peters’ Cleaners, our shops and our pods, why not be part of it?

Most of us think we have to be millionaires to invest in a business, but equity crowdfunding has changed that. Equity crowdfunding helps businesses like ours raise funding from a large number of investors investing small amounts of money, in a regulated way. Now’s your chance to help us and own a piece of Peters’ Cleaners for as little as £10.

We’d love the people that love us to own part of our company and we hope many of you will join us. Please visit our campaign to find out more, download our pitch deck and invest:


Alternatively, if you have any questions please email our owner Vicky directly at vicky.whiter@peterscleaners.co.uk

We are committed to providing our award winning service to you for many years to come and if you do join us on our crowdfunding journey, a really big thank you from us!

Posh Foundation

We are proud to be the kit cleaning partner of Peterborough United Foundation for the 2020/21 football season.

Hygienic and clean

With sanitising and general hygiene being more important now more than ever, we are pleased to offer our laundry services to the Peterborough United Foundation.

Our partnership

We agreed with the Foundation to provide free laundry services to clean the football kits of players after matches take place, as games got underway again as lockdown restrictions gradually lifted. For full details on our partnership see POSH’s article.

The Peterborough United Foundation

The Peterborough United Foundation – chaired by Andrew Palmer – aims to provide positive experiences for all, regardless of any protected characteristics whilst treating all individuals with respect and encouraging them to reach aspirational targets to help strive and persist in achieving the highest possible outcomes. It was established in 2009 having been previously called the Football in the Community Scheme. As a registered charity with the English Football League Trust and the Premier League, The Foundation has 4 key themes: Sport, Education, Health, and Inclusion.

What does the Peterborough United Foundation do?

The Foundation provides community-based activities in the local area such as after-school clubs, half-term courses, and social inclusion. Specifically, The Foundation offer a Development Centre / Skills Centre, the National Citizen Service (NCS – a government-funded programme), Premier League programmes, the Peterborough United Scholarship, Shadow Squads to train as a coach, School Sports Programmes, and Women & Girls teams from under- age groups to Reserves and the First Team. To find out more about these activities and for contact details go to the Peterborough United Foundation’s About Us page.

Who can join?

Throughout all their activities, the Peterborough United Foundation educate and train children in sport whilst offering disability activities (i.e. free weekly PAN disability sessions for 6-16-year-olds), so every child has an equal chance. Therefore, The Foundation welcomes and helps young people, children with disabilities, and children from various ethnic and racial backgrounds.

Recent journeys

Since its establishment in 2009, The Foundation has gone on to shape the lives of many children and young people. Here are just some of the recent success pathways:

  • Jess Camwell – Signed a professional contract with Leicester City Women after just one year of being on the POSH Scholarship.
  • Niamh Connor and Piper O’Neill – Played in POSH Ladies’ First Team during their first year on the scholarship.
  • Chelsea Burr, Nicole Hendrick, Destiny Makanjuola, and Sasha Sistram – All have been in POSH Ladies Reserve teams during their first year on the scholarship programme.
  • Laura Tonkin, Vicki Foster, and Lia Richardson – All now on USA Football Scholarships.
  • Ben Brittain – Now works in First Team Analysis.
  • Ryan Melton – Is now the First Team Assistant Kit man.

Not only that, but some other players have gone through the scholarship programme and trained through the Peterborough United FC (PUFC) youth team to now be playing semi-professional football.

How the Foundation has gone above and beyond

From April 2020 to April 2021, the Peterborough United Foundation has done extraordinary things. From continuing to offer the programmes to delivering COVID-19 testing kits and food parcels in the Peterborough community. Here are some of the impact figures across all their projects:

  • 1,679 participants were engaged with.
  • Virtual training amounted to 843 hours.
  • Physical training totalled to 1,097 hours.
  • The Foundation provided over 5,000 lateral flow tests to support schools in testing students so they could return to school.
  • Made over 3,600 wellbeing phone calls.
  • And delivered over 1,000 food parcels.

Thank you POSH

From April 2020 to April 2021, the Peterborough United Foundation has done extraordinary things. From continuing to offer the programmes to delivering COVID-19 testing kits and food parcels in the Peterborough community. Here are some of the impact figures across all their projects:

Beyond football in Peterborough

However, our partnership with POSH over the last year is not the first time we have dealt with cleaning football kits. In November 2016, we cleaned the Under-21 French national team’s kit, so we have got a history when it comes to washing and cleaning sportswear. Not only that, but with nearly 60 years of dry cleaning experience and our ability to clean from weekly washables to complex garments with delicate fabrics, we are an expert in our field to justify being the best cleaning service in Peterborough.

Wedding Dress Cleaning

Cleaning your wedding dress

Wedding dresses hold treasured memories and are one of the most complex items for dry cleaners. Delicate fabrics, beads and lace all present challenges so they need a cleaner with extensive experience. Whilst most dresses have a dry clean only label, if you’ve added beads or had them altered in any way, dry cleaning may not be suitable.

Deciding where to go to is complex. So, to help, we provided some information on the cost of cleaning your wedding dress in either our Peterborough and Stamford shop.

At Peters’ Cleaners we have nearly 60 years of experience in dry cleaning wedding dresses – even those without care labels. Both our shops are open 6 days a week and all cleaning is done at our Lincoln Road cleaning hub.

The first thing we do is look at each dress carefully. We will call you if we think plastic beads will melt or lace may come apart to discuss the best cleaning process. Mud, alcohol and other stains need careful pre-treating. We don’t use harsh chemicals as the fabrics are delicate.  If dry cleaning is the right process we clean the dress on its own on a delicate cycle, often in a bag to ensure no damage from friction of other fabrics loosening any embellishments.

After cleaning we go over it with a fine toothcomb to ensure every mark is removed to the best of our ability. If marks remain we put hand treat them and if necessary clean again. Our attention to detail will give you confidence that we give the best service.

Our turnaround is 4 weeks, but we will contact you with updates having conducted our 4 processes to thoroughly clean your wedding dress.

We do offer a press only service if you want to give your wedding dress a quick spruce up before the big day.

All wedding dresses are folded and packaged in a handmade, breathable box with acid free tissue paper. Boxes come from The Empty Box Company and ensure the dress staying in pristine condition. Ensuring the box is breathable is essential in wedding dress preservation because otherwise the dress will discolour and turn yellow. However, we do provide a £20 discount if you choose not to have your dress boxed.

Not only that, but we can clean veils, wedding shoes, bridesmaid dresses, and mother of the bride outfits. For more on how we clean wedding dresses see our Wedding Dress service page.

Time to clean your curtains


We are a month into lockdown as a result of COVID-19, a virus that has changed our daily lives. With a vast majority of the population spending their days at home, many are taking advantage of this extra time. Some are choosing to complete DIY projects or household tasks that might have fallen to the wayside pre-lockdown.

Many of us have opted for picking up paint tins and refreshing the walls, but with paint now in short supply; it may be time for you to look at getting your curtains cleaned, to give your room that ultimate new look. Most households in the UK have some form of curtains to help block out sunlight, reduce heat loss, promote privacy or purely for aesthetic value. Despite how common they are, however, they are not easy to clean and can suffer from several issues.


It is common to encounter unlabelled curtains, especially if curtains are bespoke. The main issue for a dry cleaner is that there is no guidance on the best way to treat the curtain, and some problems may arise if the fabric is not colourfast or prone to shrinking. Peters’ Cleaners has nearly 60 years of cleaning experience but asks clients to sign a disclaimer if they want curtains cleaning that do not have a care label.

By far, the most common issue faced by dry cleaners is shrinkage. The release of tension inadvertently set into the textile during manufacture is what causes shrinkage. Only the textile manufacturer can control tension in the weaving process and thus how much relaxation is likely to occur. The British Standard states that some relaxation is inevitable and allows a 3% shrinkage. In the event this happens, Peters’ Cleaners can use steam to stretch the fabric back, so it’s always worth checking with us.

Sunlight damage:
Curtains will invariably encounter some level of sunlight damage during their lifetime, and dry cleaning is the perfect medium to reveal this. Effects can range from fading, which can result in vertical banding to the lining or curtain to ‘shredding’ of the curtain or lining due to rot caused by sun damage. Plastic backed ‘blackout’ linings are particularly likely to suffer damage due to generally being hung in sunny windows, and the adhesive attaching the plastic coating to the lining degrades during dry cleaning.

Duvet Clean

At Peters’ Cleaners we recommend that you clean your pillow twice a year and your duvet annually although many people clean their duvet when they swap it for a lighter or heavier one to suit the season. You should clean them more often if the sleeper is ill or has allergies or look into using a pillow protector or two pillowcases to provide some protection for your pillow.

Most pillows and duvets are either polyester or feather and can be washed in a conventional washing machine, although they may be too big for your washing machine at home! Drying items correctly is extremely important; if moisture is retained, pillows and duvets will start to smell. If you can’t fit them into your machine at home, take them to a reputable dry cleaner or launderette.

Some wool and silk duvets and pillows recommend dry cleaning, but at Peters’ Cleaners, we do not recommend that you dry clean bedding that is close to your nose and mouth as dry cleaning uses perchloroethylene (perc) which is carcinogenic. Also, dry cleaning is the best method to remove water-based stains or smells, so if your dog or cat has piddled on your bed, dry cleaning is not the answer.
Ask your dry cleaner for advice as they may be able to wet clean the item.

Should I use a mattress protector?

A mattress protector or topper is an excellent way to protect your mattress and keeping it in good condition. A washable cover will protect your mattress from stains, and you can also buy covers made from purpose-made ‘barrier’ fabric if you have a dust allergy.

Heavily padded ones can also improve the comfort of your bed. Good dry cleaners can clean these for you when required.

One other way to freshen up your mattress is to give it a good hoover every now and again. A great way of getting rid of dust!

What are bedbugs, and how can I avoid them?

Bedbugs are small insects that live off human blood and usually bite at night. Don’t be fooled by the name, bedbugs are not confined to beds and can hide in many places, including on bed frames, mattresses, clothing, furniture, behind pictures and under loose wallpaper.

If you have:
• bites – often on areas exposed while sleeping, like the face, neck and arms,
• spots of blood on your bedding – from the bites or from squashing a bedbug,
• small brown spots on bedding or furniture (bedbug poo).

There is a possibility that you have bedbugs, so how can you get rid of them? Bedbugs can be resistant to some insecticides so:
• contact your local council or pest control service,
• wash affected bedding and clothing using a hot wash (60C) and tumble dry on a hot setting for at least 30 minutes or put affected clothing and bedding in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer (-16C) for four days as an alternative to hot washing,
• clean and vacuum regularly – bedbugs are found in both clean and dirty places, but regular cleaning will help you spot them early.

Suit Dry Cleaning

How much does it cost to dry clean a suit? 

We all love looking sharp and fresh, whether it be for special occasions, nights out, interviews or work. So, do higher prices mean a better dry-cleaned suit? This blog will explain the costs of dry-cleaning 2- and 3-piece suits in the UK. 

2-piece and 3-piece suits 

From the off, a 2-piece suit is jacket and trousers, whilst a 3-piece suit is jacket, waistcoat and trousers. Since suits contain a mix of different fabrics such as wool, cashmere, linen, cotton, silk, velvet and polyester, getting them dry cleaned requires professionals. This is because if you cleaned your suit(s) in a washing machine, the materials could shrink, and the shape of the suit will change. This will be covered in a later blog, “How often should you dry clean your suit?”. 

Suit dry cleaning prices across the UK 

As discovered in a previous blog, dry cleaners apply cost-plus and competition pricing. However, they apply either different or the same prices per area. For example, Johnsons Dry Cleaners price their 2-piece suit at £15.50 and 3-piece suit at £20 wherever in the UK. But, in the North of England, a 2-piece suit can cost anything from £9.50 and 3-piece suits from £11.49. Whereas for the South of England, a dry cleaned 2-piece suit can cost from £8.95 and a 3-piece suit from £11.95. What’s more, in London, American Dry-Cleaning Company price a dry cleaned 2-piece suit from £18 and a 3-piece suit from £24.63. But the most expensive is Jeeves of Belgravia (London), with prices for dry cleaning a 2-piece suit starting from £47.99 and a 3-piece suit from £63.99. If you dry cleaned your 2-piece suit at £8.95 once a month for a year you would pay in excess of £107; whilst for a 3-piece suit at £11.49 once a month for a year you would pay over £137 (but this does depend on how regularly you wear and dry clean your suits). So, there can be vast differences in pricing, but it does show why it pays (quite literally) to shop around. 


Dry cleaners price their service to add value and make a profit to stay in business. The prices increase depending on the make of suit (from Burtons to Armani) and the number of items; hence why 3-piece suits are more expensive. Regarding the dry-cleaning process, the prices reflect the wash (i.e. laundering and tumble drying), the ironing or pressing and final stage of folding or hanging. For example, lesser services (i.e. dry cleaners who offer wash, iron and hang) cost less than those who offer wash, iron and fold. This is because of not having the additional human labour cost of folding the items. 

All are not the same 

Not all dry cleaners offer the same services. Some UK dry cleaners offer an iron or press only service for shirts and suits. This is because we – as customers – do not necessarily need to dry clean our suits all the time. So, shop around for the best service deal for you. 

Special offers 

Although most UK dry cleaners have fixed prices for 2- and 3-piece suits others provide special offers. For example, Johnsons Dry Cleaners give customer discounts and other benefits through their Priority Club Membership, whereas Timpsons dry clean 2- and 3-piece suits for free for anyone unemployed; only if you need an outfit cleaned for a job interview. One way to prove your job interview is showing the interview invitation email or letter from the employer. Both offers are available across the UK and you only need to ask at the counter. But, like anything, read the small print and ensure you know what you are getting yourself in to. 


To answer the question “How much does it cost to dry clean a suit?”, you can dry clean 2-piece suits from £8.95 and 3-piece suits from £11.49 in the UK, with discounts and special offers available (if you know where to look…). However, prices depend on the dry cleaner used, your location, the type of service, the make of your suit and the number of items for dry-cleaning. Therefore, the answer to “Does higher prices mean a better dry-cleaned suit?” is two-fold; you decide because of them. You decide whether the dry cleaner can do the job to your satisfaction at a respectable, yet affordable price. 

By the way… 

Be sure to come back soon for more dry-cleaning insights with our next blog, “How often should you dry clean your suit?”.