A secure unit that enables you to drop off your every day dry cleaning and laundry any time of the day or night. We collect, clean and return your items to the unit so you can collect them at your convenience.

No. We collect your items and clean them at our factory.

Your clothes are cleaned by Peters’ Cleaners, the region’s premier independent dry cleaners who have been cleaning clothes for over 56 years and last year were winners of 3 Mercury Business Awards.

You can leave every day items such as suits, dresses, shirts, trousers, skirts, coats, bedding etc. The unit is not suitable for large seasonal items such as rugs, curtains, wedding dresses, duvets etc.

Sign Up. We will then send you your membership pack and you can start using the service.

To drop off simply put your clothes in a bag with 1 membership card and securely tie the bag. Upon arrival at the unit, use one of your other cards to scan the reader on the drop off door. Open the door, put in your bag and close the door.

We will notify you by email when your clothes are ready and back in the unit.

Once we have notified you that your clothes are ready to collect simply scan your membership card at the pick-up door and your clothes will be returned.

When you sign up you register your credit card as you do with Amazon. Payment is automatically taken when your items are returned to the machine for collection.

We have a limited number of slots so will contact you if they have been there for a few weeks and we need to remove them. At that time they will be removed and taken to our shop at 791 Lincoln Road where they can be collected during normal working hours. If however you know there is a specific date that you will be able to collect the item on then we can put it back in the unit for you.

There is no charge for signing up. Pricing for all items is the same as in our shops and a price guide is on our website at www.peterscleaners.co.uk. Once we have collected your items we will notify you via email of the cost prior to cleaning.

Notify us ASAP by calling 01733 562997. If we haven’t already cleaned them you will be able to collect them from our shop at 791 Lincoln Road, Peterborough PE1 3HE.

At the unit we are open 24/7 so you can drop-off and pick-up at any time. We are also open every day of the year.

Standard turnaround is 2 working days (Sundays and Bank Holidays are not counted as working days). We also offer next day and same day cleaning Mon-Sat if it is dropped off by 9am. Ensure you put a note in with your clothes though so we know you want a faster turnaround though!

Peters’ Cleaners offers its own repair/alteration service. If you need something altering drop it off in the same way but pin a note to it stating what you want doing and the finished sizing you want. Turnaround for repair/alteration is 5 working days.